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Erin O'Malley

With digital macro photography I have been exploring the interaction of light with transparent and reflective surfaces. I consider my photography a series of experiments, a process of trial and error that builds upon past successes through the manipulation of variables. The staged environments I create are based upon light, perspective, and materials. In addition to reflective found objects and dynamic lighting systems, my staging generally involves glass, plastic, liquid or resin. The use of found objects repurposes consumer items and explores the aesthetic potential and unique optical qualities of synthetic materials. Techniques such as cross-polarization, long exposures, increased magnification and optical filters give me a constantly shifting approach to abstract image-making. Though my work is digital, it is not manipulated- my editing process remains parallel to the realm of analog photography.

Cameras enhance our ability to see and often surpass the potential of the naked eye. This technological extension of sight allows me to manipulate and record latent intricacies of the micro-world, specifically small-scale light behavior. By sharing my vision I hope to inspire intrigue into the patterns and connections that stretch beyond unaided perception and to incite reflection on the nature of the one that binds us all, light.

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